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Simple Yet Meaningful.

Just now while enjoying my breakfast at the canteen my sleepy attention was awaken by someone saying “There’s no more justice in this world.” Well, that simple words that came out of his mouth really means something, we already forgot the true value of JUSTICE as we keep quarelling about INJUSTICE all the time. Less is more.

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In Pursuit of Happyness.

Happy and happiness are two different words for me. Happy stands with you only for a moment while happiness on the other subject describe all for one really long time, for eternity if that is possible. I am sure someone has come to you before and said “You look happy today” and asked “What was the smile all about?” and there’s always one good reason for it for example you just got promoted or you just won something. But it doesn’t mean that you are close to happiness as I said earlier happiness last much longer.

You can be unhappy at any time (of course because of some reasons) and when you can get over it you still need something that can make you happy again, for a while for sure. Well, we need ‘something’ to make us HAPPY and what about HAPPINESS, what exactly that we need to gain it? Is it a gift or we are required to pursue for it, A PURSUE OF HAPPINESS?

Being happy and being in the sense of happiness are two different experiences. Well, I have experienced before the feeling of happy but I am uncertain whether I will achieve happiness in my life and for the rest of eternity. I used to ask someone, a stranger “Are you happy?” and he is stunned with my question. All that he can answer is “I am happy with all I got so far” and smiled away. So, will all the things that you got so far promise you happiness in your life? We will never know the answer, well not me definitely.

Well, as far as I am concerned I am still pursuing my happiness and waiting for the happy moment to come. I cannot say that I am happy right now, all I can describe is I am truly grateful and thankful with everything. At least I’m not losing my head.

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Don’t Trust BitDefender On Small Capacity RAM, unless…

Last night I tried to install BitDefender Anti- Virus that I got from a friend of mine. Well, the anti- virus is on the top of the list right now and that what made me wanted to try it at the first place. Know what, it actually makes my laptop runs slow, really slow even slower than a sick freaking snail that is about to die any second because of dehydration. So, my advice is not to install that anti- virus since it will anti- speed your laptop or PC and demotivated you too, well unless you got larger size of RAM (mine is 1 gigabyte by the way). Trust me. Less is more.

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Petronas Hot Cars, Cool Cash Contest (But Definitely Not For Sarawakian and Sabahan)

Contest is about prizes, prizes and more prizes. Usually those contests with the best and expensive prizes will become attraction to everyone. One of the biggest contest that caught my attention is a contest by a petroleum company which is the Petronas Hot Cars, Cool Cash contest. It’s indeed a very intriguing contest when the prizes are hot sporty cars and one million ringgit cash money. The only thing that we should do is just to buy gas for our transport, that’s all it takes. But please remember that the contest was meant for every Malaysian as it is being widely advertised throughout the national TV stations.

The main question here is why there are never any winners from Sabah and Sarawak since that kind of contest existed? Don’t forget that we are also using the same gas brand and we are still Malaysian and everyone should know that Sarawak is one of the main gas and petroleum producers in Malaysia.

Well, that petroleum thing is just a start. Actually there’s a lot more contest in Malaysia that leave out Sabahan and Sarawakian as the winners and this statement is very true. You can figure out the rest if you want to because that’s all I want to say. Less is more.


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Children Psychology Vs. Psychotic Parents

Kids will always be kids, I mean playful, adorable, and stubborn and all the qualities that normal kids should have. It is up to the parents to shape them into “what” they may have become in the future. But is it that all matter the most; I mean to shape our kids into someone we want them to be and not what they really, extremely wanted  to be instead, for themselves, for the sake of their own future.

I remember the wife to a friend of mine told me that she wanted to teach her first child English language. The boy is two and a half years old and I believe this is the right age to absorb learning instead of learning one. He seems to be a smart boy if we look back at his parent’s background, to have a Mathematic and Physics teacher as his mother and an Accounting expert lecturer as his beloved father. I said to myself, this is one hell of a lucky kid. So, is it “lucky” the right word to say? I don’t know myself actually because I wasn’t born having this type of parents, I mean those parents that work in a professional field like teachers, doctors or lecturers. My father was only a cook and my mother is a fulltime housewife with eleven children including myself as her youngest child.

One thing I know is when your parents are successful, there’s no way for them to expect you to be screwed in the future, to mess with your life, to end up living alone with no job and no money in your bank (especially when you have an expert accounting lecturer as a father). The expectation is high but is it worth it to mess with the child’s psychology? It is the child’s future at stake and this time parents are somehow take control the only thing the kid has to control by himself/ herself, which is their mind.

I believe that the parents first must be ready spiritually and emotionally to be a parent because this is not a part time job. Expect the unexpected is the right phrase to say here. We are always being reminded that nobody is perfect as long as we live, so please keep it that way with our children. Just keep our plan for the kids aside first and enjoy the privilege of being parents. Don’t push it too hard because it may cause us more than what we thought it might. Time will determine everything like it always does. Less is more.


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Mind Manipulating Newspapers.

Nowadays I never really read newspapers the way I used to be during the time when I want all information that I need. I have to believe in something especially from the things going on around, the world I mean. As far as I am concerned, newspapers are the most trusted source of information of all time until the moment I started not to believe. There are several reasons why.

The first reason is there’s nothing left to believe. Nowadays and maybe since the beginning every single sentence written are lies especially when we encounter other source of information for example verbal input from people around. What we read in the papers is totally contradicted with what we heard especially from someone that we can trust. For example the political issues in Malaysia regarding sodomising case that has been rumoured committed by one of the ex national leader that will bring him for another time consuming jail sentence. What is written in the papers and projected by the media especially TVs are not the same with what we heard and suppose to believe. Well, it is very easy to fool a child but not those that take things for granted especially those who use their brain instead of their eyes to read and see what is actually happening around.

The second reason is because some major news is being added in term of the information in the news itself in order to make it more interesting and as attention grabber. That kind of doing is totally wrong especially during the time when people or should I say the society is in dilemma between choosing what is right from wrong and what is wrong from right. When information is being added, there’s no more truth to be heard. In a different way, the added information will mislead the truth from the truth and in the Malaysian leader case, he will definitely committed even though he is innocent. What a powerful tool if we can define the power of media is that include newspapers, magazines, TVs and radios and not to forget the internet.

Third and the final reason is because we don’t know whether the writers are really for or against certain issues or society or people or individuals. Of course it is (their opinion) clearly stated in the news but who knows anyway what they really have in mind and what they really want to write instead of being ordered to them to write. This is when they have to choose between what they want and what others need (especially between employers and employees).

Now I started to believe in blogs because they are somehow different from all those fancy media like what I’ve mentioned above. I begin to develop my interest on political blogs because have so much different things/ perspectives to say about things around, to look/ express thoughts outside the box I must say. It is up to us to believe or not to believe but so far I know who to believe and learn not to get my eyes popped out when things get worse. Bloggers have all the right to write (especially the truth) and they are completely responsible for what they have written as in the case of famous political blogger Raja Petra that has been put under police supervision because of his serious issues in his entries. If you need to believe, start reading blogs today and see it for yourself. Just give your sense and judgment a try.

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Sarawak Oh Sarawak!

Apa nak jadi dengan Sarawak? Sarawak memang sepatutnya dilabel sebagai negeri paling mundur di Malaysia kalau nak dicompare dengan negeri- negeri lain. Kenapala agaknya ek?

Pada pendapat akula, sebab utama Sarawak mundur ialah disebabkan oleh pemerintah utamanya yang sesangat sangatla tamakkan harta dan langsung tak pentingkan rakyat yang sedang menderita. Aku percayala dan bukan aku sorang je, Taib Mahmud tu kalaula disenaraikan sebagai orang yang terkaya di Malaysia confirm masuk top 10 tu, gerenti punya. Semua orang tahu yang CMS tu dia yang punya, pembekal segala kelengkapan bahan- bahan pembinaan macam simen, batu- batan, besi dan sebagainya, kesimpulannya the whole need la to make a complete building. Bayangkan saja semua bekalan bahan- bahan tadi CMS yang control untuk seluruh Sarawak lagi- lagi untuk projek- projek besar, bak kata orang “bapak kaya si Taib tu!”. Satu lagi kan si Taib tu ada syarikat pengangkutan sendiri, bertambah kayala Taib tu jadinya. Bukan setakat tu je, aku rasala banyak lagi bisnes- bisnes menguntungkan yang dia ada dalam diam- diam dengan menggunakan nama orang lain macam sedara- maranya ke, anak- anaknya ke, rakan kongsinya ke. Al maklumla kalau nak bisnes ni macam- macam cara boleh dilakukan. Tak dapat buat bisnes pun takpe, dapat je share dalam 10% ke hasil “usahasama” dengan syarikat- syarikat tempatan atau luar negara dah kira amat menguntungkan, untung macam tu je, tak payah nak keluarkan modal, tak payah nak pikir banyak- banyak, cuma “sign” je segala dokumen yanag patut di sign dengan kuasa yang ada dalam tangannya.

Dah berapa lama dah si tua kutuk tu memerintah Sarawak entah aku pun tak tahu, dah lama jugakla aku rasa, mau puluhan tahun jugak. Aku ingat lagi masa aku kecik- kecik dulu adala satu majlis ni yang kerajaan anjurkan untuk dia, masa tu aku rasa umur aku dalam 4- 5 tahun kot. Masa tu jugak dia dah jadi ketua menteri Sarawak. Korang bayangkan saja masa tu umur aku 5 tahun, sekarang aku dah 28 tahun, maksudnya dah lebih kurang dalam 23 tahun dia jadi ketua menteri. Aku rasa la sebaik sahaja dia dapat pegang jawatan tu dia kata “This is it! This is my time!”. Apa lagi, dia gunakanla kuasa dia tu untuk jadi kaya raya. Aku bukan nak katala tapi aku rasa Taib tu tak pernah sembahyang/ solat. Daripada apa yang aku dengar dari sumber- sumber yang boleh dipercayai, dia “bela” banyak patung/ statue kat rumah dia, macam- macam jenis patung ada. Apa jenis manusiala dia ni. Tu la orang kata, manusia jenis- jenis yang jahat dan banyak dosa ni memang susah nak jatuh, susah nak mampus tapi ingat di Akhirat nanti, Allah mesti tarik dia dulu untuk dihisab segala apa yang dia dah lakukan kat dunia ni lebih- lebih lagi apa yang dia dah lakukan terhadap rakyatnya sendiri. Allah dah amanahkan dia jadi pemimpin tapi dia salah guna kuasa.

Satu lagi aku nak cerita kat Sarawak ni kalau nak dibandingkan dengan Semenanjung memang jauh bezanya dari segi pembangunan, tak kisahla pembangunan apa sekalipun lebih- lebih lagi pembangunan ekonomi. Korang bayangkan saja gaji minimum kat sini adala dalam RM250- 300 macam tu. Haritu aku ada dengar berita kat TV cakap pasal Mexico yang gaji diorang jugak pada kadar yang sama dan berlaku banyak problem sebab harga barang melambung tinggi. Yang national TV kita tu pulak tak tau yang kat Sarawak sini pun dah jadi macam kat Mexico nun. Kalau korang tak percaya korang tanyala mana- mana Sarawakian yang korang kenal pasal kadar gaji kat sini, aku gerenti diorang akan kata pasal benda yang sama seperti yang aku cakap kat sini. Sebab tu la ramai Sarawakian yang cari keje kat Semenanjungla, Singaporela, Bruneila sebab gaji yang lebih promising bak kata orang putih. Dah la sekarang korang tau- tau jelah harga barang- barang makin lama makin tinggi/ naik tapi gajinya yang tak naik- naik, kiranya nak senang rupa- rupanya makin sengsara. Orang kaya apa diorang kisah, naik ke, turun ke diorang ada banyak duit nak beli barang kelengkapan, duit yang diorang ada pun aku rasa dah lebih daripada cukup. Mana taknya, siap ada rumah besar, kereta besar, semuanya besar termasuk sekali selera diorang. Orang miskin macam mana pulak, lagi- lagi yang dah ada keluarga. Nak kene pikir pasal rumahla, makan minum kat rumah, kenderaanla, anak bini lagi, dengan RM250- 300 tu, macamla cukup sangat. Lagi- lagi bila anak- anak dah bersekolah, fuhh… tak taula aku nak cakap apa. Tambahan pulak sekarang harga minyak kenderaan dah naik, mau tak gila jadinya.

Apa yang kerajaan kita buat sekarang ek? Aku pun tak paham. Kejap kata ni, kejap kata tu, takde keputusan yang muktamad aku tengok. Kita ni kan negara pengeluar minyak, kenapa pulak rakyat negara kita nak kene bayar lebih? Tu la, ada minyak sendiri sibuk nak jual ke pasaran international katanya, sekarang dah makan diri sendiri, siapa yang susah? Tup, tup rakyat jugak yang jadi mangsa, makin lama makin tertindas dengan segala keputusan yang kerajaan buat. Aku rasala satu hari nanti tak mustahil negara kita jadi macam kat Indonesia dan jugak negara- negara Asia lain nun, rusuhan sana sini sebab segala macam harga naik melambung. Bukan aku nakla tapi tak mustahil bende ni terjadi satu hari nanti. Yang kaya jadi makin kaya dan yang miskin pulak jadi makin susah. Macam kat Sarawak ni pulak takde pihak yang nak membela nasib golongan pekerja yang berpendapatan rendah ni, aku tak taula apa yang CUEPACS tu buat, makan gaji buta kot diorang tu. Sibuk- sibuk nak lanjutkan umur bersara 2 tahun lagi tapi tak pikir pulak pasal orang yang tengah cari keje lagi- lagi bilangan graduan yang semakin berlambak dari setahun ke setahun. Apa yang diorang pikir dalam otak diorang tu sebenarnya aku pun tak paham. Dah orang tua nak berenti keje biarkanlah diorang nak berehat ke, nak beramal ibadat ke, pegi haji ke. Ni nak jugak tu kerah tenaga orang tua, apa orang muda takleh buat keje ke? Tak ada pengalaman? Abis tu kalau korang tak bagi peluang macam mana nak dapatkan pengalaman?! Ape ke bodohnya pemikiran macam tu? Aku rasala orang- orang yang ada kuasa dalam CUEPACS ni tak pegi sekolah dulu, main ikut suka hati diorang je nak buat keputusan yang dah pasti susah diterima oleh rakyat. Kerajaan pun satu, main ikut je permintaan CUEPACS ni.

Aku nak tengok sampai mana rakyat boleh ikut telunjuk kerajaan ni. Aku nak tengok sesangat apa yang terjadi dalam masa dua, tiga bulan dari sekarang lebih- lebih lagi kat Sarawak yang ku cintai ni. Aku akan selalu ikut perkembangan dan aku nak tau apa pendapat orang ramai pasal apa yang berlaku kat Malaysia especially kat Sarawak sini. Kita tengokla nanti sama- sama apa yang akan terjadi.


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