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Hectic Week (lesson one)

Its been very hectic around here as lecturers and other tutors are rushing to get students on- going marks done in the KLAS system. As the new members here, I am expecting my week will be more hectic than others. This is the first time for me in everything and I’ve been spinning round and round in the ‘ride’ and ‘enjoying’ it so much.

So far so good as long as I am concerned and it’s been a very good time here especially the people that include the students and other college staffs. I am still in the process of adapting myself especially when it comes to my relationship with higher authorities or higher personnels. Communication is very important and I believe the ‘higher personnels’ should show good example on how a ‘good’ communication should be. Some of ‘them’ are really good in communicating with and really shows a good example to me and I really respect that kind of people. Meanwhile, some of ‘them’ love to talk at my back and prefer to refer or nag to people that is close to me complaining about me telling that everything is my fault. Sometimes we can analyze people through their appearance and especially on how they communicate with others. So, the first lesson is the ‘Communication Skill’.


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Injury 2.

I’m feeling better now (my right foot). I believe it is definitely because of the rain for the whole week especially in the afternoon. There’s nothing that I can do except to gaze at the pouring rain and hoping that when it stops raining, I can skate before it’s too dark but the chance didn’t seem to appear for the whole continuous 10 days.

It’s funny when you really into something but there  always  something that try to stop or block you from doing it for example the rain. it is definitely the bless from above that let me rest my feet and mind for that period of time where I didn’t realize if I need it or not.


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My first degree salary.

Wanna know what is the first thing that I bought with my first degree salary? I bought a set of Bones Super Swiss 6 balls bearing for my skateboard. This shows how I really care about skateboarding and how I am so obsessed with everything that involved with it. Damn, I never thought that I will use my first salary for something like that but it happened at the end anyway. So, last night I switch bearings set to the new one and I am the happiest person in the whole world, like I won a million bucks. The set that I bought was mentioned by everyone as the most anticipated bearing in the whole world and that is why I am so proud. I actually experienced the marvel of the bearing and I couldn’t agree more.

Beside that, I will use the money by giving some to my father because I’ve been wanting to do that since I finished my freaking study in university and it was quite a while actually. I wish that I can contribute more. Other than that, I will use the money to settle all my debts with some of my good friends that always there when I need them and I need to clear something else like my rent, installment of my scooter and some repairing on my ride. This March, I need to be smart in my budget no matter what it takes; I don’t wanna suffer when it’s not about time. If I could save some, I will do it (in case of emergency, who knows!).


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The Best and the Worst of February.

The Best part:

  • I got a job as a translator in a comic making company that could make my life easier than before.
  • I got another interview as a program consultant in a local college but I didn’t go to the interview because I don’t want to distract my own attention and commitment towards my present job.
  • Skate session in 13 skatepark is one of the best moments during February as I enjoy myself to the fullest with my friends that skate along.
  • Well, my birthday of course!
  • I got my motivation to skate back and it’s been a while, a quite while ago.
  • Everything seems to go well this February; maybe it is just my month I believe.
  • Bones Swiss 6 competition balls bearing set, the most anticipated creation ever after calculator.

The Worst part:

  • I felt during a futsal tournament held by my ex faculty and scratch my hand. It was just a game among friends but friends have turned to be foes because they wanted to win so much. Things like that should have not happened.
  • I felt a few times during my skate jam at 13 skatepark but I really enjoy my pain because I enjoy skating no matter what.
  • I am still unsure of my future. Now I am still thinking but couldn’t get anything good.
  • Financial problem (does this affected everyone?). Still in the early process of getting things done especially my latest hook, anyway that’s the life should be.


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Ways to cope with new working environment:

Getting in most of the time may not go easy and fitting in is another thing to do but if you follow these solution, you may get something positive in return especially from your new colleagues. Well, these are what I do.


  1. First impression is very important, so make sure you dress well on your first day to notice others that you are there to join the society.
  2. Greet others as the new staff no matter what is your position. It is very important for people to work together in getting the best result, therefore cooperation starts with respect.
  3. Explore your working place so that you won’t get lost and you can show visitors the place they want to go if such cases happen.
  4. Be aware of what you can and can’t do.
  5. Know who your higher personnel are and what they do.
  6. Don’t push it.



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Invitation of Appreciation.

Last two Sunday, I was invited by my ex faculty to the futsal tournament by my ex team members to play with them. This could be the last and the best time and it also can be the worst memories ever but what the matter the most to me is to have the appreciation and the recognition that means a lot through out my study in the faculty previous years. I just cannot believe they still remember me as one of their useful player and it is really nice of them.

Our match began well but the goalkeeper is not so good. Well, he tried but it is not enough. He missed few balls into the net that make everyone disappointed because everyone is trying hard to win each game but the luck is not on us. However, we have tried our best and so do our one and only goalkeeper. He shouldn’t became a goalkeeper because his real position is the defense and since we don’t have a goalkeeper, he has to be the one and only. I can see the disappointment in my team mates face but there’s nothing that we can do, win or lose is a part of the game but losing so easily is something that everyone cannot accept no matter what we tell ourselves about it. Losing is apart of life but make sure that we have fought like a true warrior before giving in, that’s the way to do it.

The last game my team fought like never before and I am really proud of everyone. However, we still lost the game because we don’t deserve it. Winning isn’t everything as much as losing meant to be. It’s how we survive at the end of the day and our acceptance towards everything that comes and goes.

I just wanna thanks you guys; Mie, Jenal, Burger, Jen, Payed and Ken for your trust on me and the warmth appreciation that you have gave in. I really appreciate it, from the bottom of my heart. Thank you a million words and a million times! Oleee!


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Reputation! Reputation! Reputation!

What is reputation to you? As for me, reputation takes time to reveal itself, as it will not come overnight. Reputation for me is strongly related to trust, the trust that you have in you and also the trust that what other people give to you. Recorded reputation is easily detected and noticed especially when you are applying for jobs in your vitae but clearly, they do not mean you will keep your reputation on the track. Sometimes we are up and at the other time we are down, that is the way it will always be. Impressive reputation is the one that people always adore while bad reputation always be ignored. For me, knowing where I stand is far better than letting others to place me at the position that they prefer without knowing my real potential.


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