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May It Be For The Last Time.

For the whole week next week I’m not gonna be around in office. It was my silly plan with a good friend of mine to enjoy the whole week skating in KL and Shah Alam parks and hot spots. I already booked the ticket last year, two ways tickets. And I already informed my Shah Alam friends that I’m gonna be around and have a stay at their nice and comfy cribs. It’s been a while since I last visited Shah Alam and all my friends at the Semenanjung and I’ve been missing them so dearly. Hope things go well especially on the ‘skating’ part as this may be for the last time…


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Second lost since 2000.

Yesterday I lost my vans skate shoes while praying at the state mosque of Shah Alam. Before that I went to one of my best friend’s wedding somewhere near my living area. We used to skate together, done a lot of stuff especially things that involve skateboarding and now he is having his own family. I believe that he will let go of skateboarding as everyone does as soon as they had to face other commitment.

When I started to think about it, my time will come but I am not sure when because I’m not ready yet I guess. It’s hard to leave something that we love so much especially something that brought great influences in our whole life. This guy, the friend of mine skated for almost 10 fucking great years and suddenly he have to let it go just like that. I wonder how he felt about it, I never had the chance to ask him about it but I will if he let me, if we ever have the time that can be spent together.

I never want to let go skating, that is why I still kept my board at home even though I never skate it that much the way I did before. I used to sell one complete board to a stranger but few days after that I felt terrible about it, to sell something that I love very much, something that have influenced me so much and something that kept me company and happy when I need one. After that I work my ass out to buy a whole new set again to replace the one that I had sacrificed before, which made me felt better and happy again.  Back  to my missing  skate shoes, I just hope that  the person that stole it involve  in a  terrible a  accident  one  day and  feel sorry  for everything  that he has  done  to  everyone,  hahaha…


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The Best of March (opps..way too late)

The Best part:

  • On second of March, I got a call from my course mate telling me a wonderful news that I’ve been wanting to hear for such a long time. She is now teaching in a private college with my other course mate. She called me telling that I will work for the same college as a tutor but in other branch as a full timer. I was very happy to hear that because finally I got what I want that is to be a teacher. Though the place is quite far away, it’s okay to risk it anyway.

  • Bones Super Swiss 6 balls competition bearing set, the most anticipated creation ever after calculator. I am riding the pools with no hesitation in my mind. I bought them, rode on them and destroy everything that came my way!

  • I bought another set of deck from my friend that could use some money to upgrade his car. The Zoo York’s ‘Donny Barley’ board is still in the best condition and the ‘Silver’ truck is still okay even though he’s been grinding it slightly for some time. The bearing set is a Powell mini logo set, fast enough to move around the park. I just can’t wait to try it out tomorrow since today I have tuition class at 8 pm up until 10.

  • Now, on the 19 of March I was finally accepted as the tutor at PTPL when I received a call this morning. The best news ever for me after graduating! I was asked to report myself at the HR department on the 26 of March at 9 am. I never thought that I will get the job and I still cannot believe that I got it. Alhamdulillah, that’s all that I can say to everything. Without the will from Allah, I may not get this opportunity even though I have committed so many sins.

The Worst part:

  • Quitting from my present job as the translator. It is hard because it’s been a great experience to be in here and as a part of the family but life goes on and we must take everything for granted.

  • Bails especially during skating. It’s something that I can’t endure but it’s sure felt good at most of the time.

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My first degree salary.

Wanna know what is the first thing that I bought with my first degree salary? I bought a set of Bones Super Swiss 6 balls bearing for my skateboard. This shows how I really care about skateboarding and how I am so obsessed with everything that involved with it. Damn, I never thought that I will use my first salary for something like that but it happened at the end anyway. So, last night I switch bearings set to the new one and I am the happiest person in the whole world, like I won a million bucks. The set that I bought was mentioned by everyone as the most anticipated bearing in the whole world and that is why I am so proud. I actually experienced the marvel of the bearing and I couldn’t agree more.

Beside that, I will use the money by giving some to my father because I’ve been wanting to do that since I finished my freaking study in university and it was quite a while actually. I wish that I can contribute more. Other than that, I will use the money to settle all my debts with some of my good friends that always there when I need them and I need to clear something else like my rent, installment of my scooter and some repairing on my ride. This March, I need to be smart in my budget no matter what it takes; I don’t wanna suffer when it’s not about time. If I could save some, I will do it (in case of emergency, who knows!).


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The Best and the Worst of February.

The Best part:

  • I got a job as a translator in a comic making company that could make my life easier than before.
  • I got another interview as a program consultant in a local college but I didn’t go to the interview because I don’t want to distract my own attention and commitment towards my present job.
  • Skate session in 13 skatepark is one of the best moments during February as I enjoy myself to the fullest with my friends that skate along.
  • Well, my birthday of course!
  • I got my motivation to skate back and it’s been a while, a quite while ago.
  • Everything seems to go well this February; maybe it is just my month I believe.
  • Bones Swiss 6 competition balls bearing set, the most anticipated creation ever after calculator.

The Worst part:

  • I felt during a futsal tournament held by my ex faculty and scratch my hand. It was just a game among friends but friends have turned to be foes because they wanted to win so much. Things like that should have not happened.
  • I felt a few times during my skate jam at 13 skatepark but I really enjoy my pain because I enjoy skating no matter what.
  • I am still unsure of my future. Now I am still thinking but couldn’t get anything good.
  • Financial problem (does this affected everyone?). Still in the early process of getting things done especially my latest hook, anyway that’s the life should be.


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Skate the whole night.

I had a long night last night, well up till in the morning to be exact, up until 3 in the early cold morning. I took the risk as I knew that I will have to go to work in the morning but the excitement has bigger influence towards everything.

My friends and I skated at this new spot, outside a new building in the parking lot doing some small gaps and basic tricks since it was raining in the afternoon. Then we move on to another place just near by, a quite big open space with lights all around doing some manuals and everything. There’s nothing much can be skated but it was fun spending the morning letting some sweats out. I need to change my bearings because the present set is not spinning fast enough. Maybe next week when I get my pay.

I got back home really late, about 4 in the morning and I am really tired. Then I got some sleeps and woke up late with pain on my feet and back. Tomorrow I will have to attend an interview and on the next day I will have a futsal tournament to join. It will sure going to be a busy weekend to me, like it always does.


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Any skateboarders out there?

Do we have any skateboarders out there? Share some skate stories, development, competition, parks, life and almost everything related to skateboarding with me and I will share mine with you.

Let me hear you popping the deck, flipping in and out and the feeling you had as you finally landed your tricks. This sport is getting the recognition in my country like never before and I can proudly see the positive progression. I used to think to stop skating but it has been my life since the last 6-7 years. Skateboarding has succesfully influenced me in every inch of my life as human, no kidding. Skateboarding really change my life like I never thought it will be.


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