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The Best Thing yet…

The best things yet is when I realize that more best things are coming. When the situation creates you becoming a grateful person, everything seems very nice and smooth and easy and happy. Be thankful of what we have and not expect much from others. Give more and we will in the end receive more intrinsically, something that is/ are beyond words. There will come a time when we are required to be the saviors, heroes to those that need the favour the most. It means something to us but it definitely means more to them…

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In Pursuit of Happyness.

Happy and happiness are two different words for me. Happy stands with you only for a moment while happiness on the other subject describe all for one really long time, for eternity if that is possible. I am sure someone has come to you before and said “You look happy today” and asked “What was the smile all about?” and there’s always one good reason for it for example you just got promoted or you just won something. But it doesn’t mean that you are close to happiness as I said earlier happiness last much longer.

You can be unhappy at any time (of course because of some reasons) and when you can get over it you still need something that can make you happy again, for a while for sure. Well, we need ‘something’ to make us HAPPY and what about HAPPINESS, what exactly that we need to gain it? Is it a gift or we are required to pursue for it, A PURSUE OF HAPPINESS?

Being happy and being in the sense of happiness are two different experiences. Well, I have experienced before the feeling of happy but I am uncertain whether I will achieve happiness in my life and for the rest of eternity. I used to ask someone, a stranger “Are you happy?” and he is stunned with my question. All that he can answer is “I am happy with all I got so far” and smiled away. So, will all the things that you got so far promise you happiness in your life? We will never know the answer, well not me definitely.

Well, as far as I am concerned I am still pursuing my happiness and waiting for the happy moment to come. I cannot say that I am happy right now, all I can describe is I am truly grateful and thankful with everything. At least I’m not losing my head.

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