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You Live, You Listen, You Learn…

Lately I’ve been seeing my relative that I’ve been missing for quite some times, a long time actually. He (as always) has a lot of stories to tell, a tell about someone, anyone which include almost everyone that he knows near or far. And sometimes he even tells about himself maybe as a self- reflection and a valuable lesson to others which is including me as well. Most of his stories have this kind of lesson inside, intrinsically. It’s really good when you actually listen to someone and you listen carefully and as for me that’s how I learned about things especially the big thing known as ‘LIFE’. His stories caught me in the real experience of actually being there, always giving me the question “What if that was me?” and “What would I do if that was me?”. Listen to his stories was like a journey, it was like listening to LIFE itself.


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The Meaning Of Grateful.

Grateful is an important and meaningful word to me because it has taught me a lot about life. I believe kids nowadays don’t even know if this word exists because no one tell or reminded them about it especially the intended meaning it lays, maybe in schools but not at home as parents are busy digging gold mines all day and night.

As far as I am concerned being grateful is when you are always pleased and thankful especially to God with what you have no matter what it is or how it may be. It is a quality that not everyone has or willing to have especially when we are talking about modern day life where money is everything and everything is money, when what you have reflect who you are as a person, physically.

My late mother has taught me a lot the real meaning of this word not by telling me the meaning or by giving an example but by keep reminding me that if she had all the money in the world, she would had given me, my brothers and my sisters all that we want. She never wanted anything more except for our love and how we can show that we care about her and our family. I immediately understand her intention from the look of her face when she said that and it was a very valuable lesson that I will never forget for the rest of my life. I believe we should start thinking and appreciating of what we have that others don’t. So, be grateful.

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